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Section S: Mosaics Molds, Supplies, Tools for making glass mosaics. Section T: Hand Tools for stained glass. - Tools for: Pattern Making (pattern shears, pattern knives, Project-A-Scope) - Tools for: Glass Cutting (glass cutter, circle cutter, glass pliers, eye safety) - Tools for: Morton Tools - a full line of your favorite Morton cutting tools.

Stained Glass Foiling Tools

Foiling tools are handy in the stained glass workshop and can make foiling your glass easier and keep your workspace organized. Choose from foiling tools such as a table foiler, hand foiler, foiling machine, fids, burnishers and nugget foiler. Store your foil and scissors in a copper foil organizer to keep things tidy and prevent the roll of foil from coming undone as you foil your glass pieces.

Stained Glass Supplies, Tools And Kits - Delphi Glass

Tools & Supplies. Premium Stained Glass Start-Up Kit. $429.95 $389.95. $40.00 off. USD. BOGO 1" x 6 Feet Oak Framing Stock. $28.95. USD. Stained Glass Start-Up Kit.

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Glass Cutting Oil, Suitable for All Glass Cutting Tools, 4 Ounces Glass Cutter Oil is Used for Cutting Glass, Stained Glass, Glass Bottles, Tiles and Mirrors 4.6 out of 5 stars 338 $9.99 $ 9 . 99

Stained Glass Supplies - Warehouse & Store – Tools & Materials

Stained Glass Supplies. Stained Glass Warehouse & Store for tools, materials, frames, foil, pliers, cutters, parts, grinder heads, shears and other stained glass supplies including glass bevels, glass clusters, glass crystals, and glass jewels,

Hand Tools - Stained Glass Express

Hand tools for the stained glass, fused glass and mosaic glass workshop. We also have flameworking and glassblowing tools. For glass artists and hobbyists, we supply tools such as grozing pliers, running pliers, lead knives, cutters and hammers, rulers, L squares, flux brushes, came brushes, vises, abrasive stones, foil and lead shears, glass snappers and much more.

Tools – The Leadlight Workshop Online Catalogue

Tools – The Leadlight Workshop Online Catalogue. Simple, quality hand tools are crucial supplies for any stained glass hobbyist or professional. The tools we stock are those we use ourselves in the workshop and our classes, a range based on practicality, purpose and value for money.

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Glass Cutting Oil, Suitable for All Glass Cutting Tools, 4 Ounces Glass Cutter Oil is Used for Cutting Glass, Stained Glass, Glass Bottles, Tiles and Mirrors 4.6 out of 5 stars 362 $9.99 $ 9 . 99

Stained Glass Tools & Supplies, Glass Tool Kits

Quality tools designed specifically for the stained glass artist make the job easier. Stock up on basic supplies like solder, foil, pre-tinned wire, and much more. Delphi has everything you need for your stained glass studio. Delphi Makes It Easy: More tools including glass cutters can be found in our Glass Tools section.

Stained glass supplies and tools | Etsy

Stained Glass Starter Kit 7 pcs Set includes 4 Pliers and 3 Cutters, GLS-270. kentsupplies. 5 out of 5 stars. (727) $66.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. HANDY WEDGE (2 piece set) Props Boxes up for Easier Soldering. Multi Purpose Support. A Stained Glass Tool.


6. Scissors/Glass pattern scissors* - There are two options for scissors, one that is traditional school supply style and the other are scissors made specifically for cutting out stained glass projects. Pattern sheers will take you some practice to use but are really helpful to have, I know it might seem silly having two different kinds of scissors but it will save you time grinding down the ...

Stained Glass Tools & Supply List - Everything You Need To ...

Stained glass is a fun activity for people of all ages and can also be a great group activity. Standing around a large craft table of family and friends creating stained glass art, sharing tools and tips, is a great way to enjoy the art of stained glass. Now let me tell you about all of the materials and stained glass tools you need to get started.

: stained glass tools and supplies

Glass Cutting Tools for Stained Glass Drill Bit Set/Glass Lamp Kit for Bottles Diamond Tipped Drill Bits Sets Have Guides to Simplify Drilling Holes in Glass Bottles & Drilling Holes in Glass Blocks. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 56. $69.95. $69.

Glass Saws - Anything in Stained Glass

Click on any of the links below to find all of your stained glass saw needs: Gryphon Zephyr Ring Saw. Gryphon C-40 Band Saw. Gryphon Omni 2 Plus Wire Saw. Gryphon Miter Saw. Gryphon Wet Belt Sander. Gemini Taurus 3 Ring Saw. Gemini Apollo Ring Saw. Al: …

Stained Glass Tools

From basic tools: glass cutters, pliers, soldering irons, to more specialized ones: came benders, strip & circle cutters and bottle cutters. Glass Crafters carries a full line and we have the people to help you choose and explain their use. We also carry the most popular power tools used in the craft today: grinders, ring and band saws and belt ...


HAND TOOLS. Stained glass hand tools from such manufactures as Pro, Inland, Weller, Mika, Hakko, Toyo, Morton, Gryphon, and others are located here. Also check: BEADMAKING TOOLS. FUSING TOOLS. BEETLE BITS CUTTING SYSTEM. STAINED GLASS SOLDERING IRONS & ACCESSORIES. MORTON SYSTEM. STAINED GLASS CUTTERS.

Glass Tools And Accessories For Glass Artists - Delphi Glass

Shop our very large inventory glass tools for cutting, scoring, breaking, engraving art glass. Over 600 different Glass tools to choose from. Stained Glass • Fusing • Mosaics • Jewelry Supplies

Stained Glass Tools - Page 2 of 3 - Everything Stained Glass

Stained Glass Tools. In this section you'll find every tool and material you need to make stained glass.They're organised by technique when applicable, with separate pages for Copper Foiling Tools and Leaded Stained Glass Tools. If you'd like to know which tools I use – and why – I have a list of Recommended Tools here.

Recommended Tools For Stained Glass Making - Everything ...

Stained glass tools can make things better and easier but they can also be a distraction. Tools are maybe 5% of the equation at most, the rest is you creating beautiful work. I too have a fascination for what tools people use so I do understand. My own personal mantra is this; first I work at the skill I want to develop, then and only then do I ...

Tools - Anything in Stained Glass

Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all." - Thomas Carlyle. "One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop." - G. Weilacher. Click on any of the links below to find all of your stained glass tool needs: Cutter's Mate Tools. Beetle Bits Tools. Hand Tools.

Glass Cutting Tools | Glass House Store

Glass Cutting Tools. There are a large variety of cutting tools used to cut stained glass – from simple hand held pencil or pistol grip cutters to electric ring or band saws. These tools can make very difficult cuts easily and accurately, while saving on glass and your sanity. There are also a number of specialty cutters for scoring straight ...

Stained Glass Tools for Beginners - Living Sun Glass

The following list contains the Stained Glass Tools you NEEDto create with the Copper Foil Technique. Cutter. Running Pliers. Grozing Pliers. Grinder. Fid. 100 Watt Soldering Iron. Iron Stand & Sponge. So now that you know what tools you need to get started, I'll go into details about which stained glass tools I've used, which are my favourites ...

Morton Tools System - Anything in Stained Glass

The Morton System Makes Stained Glass Safe and Simple The Morton System is an integrated set of tools used to simplify difficult glass cuts, which allows a beginning hobbyist or professional studio to easily make cuts in glass that are difficult or impossible to accomplish with other tools.

Tools & Supplies | Tulsa Stained Glass

Tulsa's Oldest Dealer of Stained Glass Tools and Supplies. Come shop Tulsa's oldest stained glass studio and supply store. Since 1975, we've provided personal service from a knowledgeable staff that cares about the craft. We don't carry anything we wouldn't use ourselves, so you can count on the best quality tools and supplies.

Stained glass supplies - 100's of glass tools

Stained glass supplies discount glass and tool equipment. Online stained glass supply orders ship out the same day.

Tools | Sun and Moon Stained Glass Co. - Stained glass ...

3/16 Round U Lead Came (6 feet) - Round Sides Flat Bottom RU 70. $6.50. 3/16" U Border Lead Came (6 feet) - Flat Sides Round Bottom RU 80. Free Shipping! $11.50. 3/32" Round H Lead Came (5/32" Channel) Stained Glass Supplies (6 feet) $3.95. 3/4" Aanraku Twofers 2 bit set - Stained Glass Grinder Bits 100/120 Regular Grit.

Stained Glass Tools, Grinders and Sawys

Stained Glass Hand Tools, Cutters, Soldering Irons, Grinders, Saws In our extensive inventory of stained glass, fused glass and mosaic tools and equipment, you will find all of the basics you need as well as other tools and fun gadgets. Stained Glass Express carries quality stained glass tools and equipment from Hakko, Weller, Gryphon Corporation, Glastar, Gemini Saw Corporation, Inland, Toyo ...

Deluxe Stained Glass Tool Kit | Delphi Glass

Equp your workshop with our exclusive Deluxe Stained Glass Tool Kit. Quality glass tools will last for years. Includes instructor favorite tools. Contains enough basic supplies to get you started on your first project - just add glass. Frequently Bought Together. This item: Deluxe Stained Glass Tool Kit. 1 @ $199.95. Canfield 50/50 Solder - 1 lb.

Stained Glass Tools - Pliers Explained

Stained glass pliers are indispensable for cutting and will soon become one of your most important stained glass tools. Running or Cut-Running Pliers. These pliers are to help you 'run the score'. They are used to apply pressure to either side of the scoreline. This make the fissure open all along the score (running) and breaks the glass apart.

Stained Glass Supplies | Stained Glass For Less

Stained glass supplies at Stained Glass For Less. Stained glass, fusing glass, tools & supplies, beginner & tool kits, bevels and more.

Stained Glass Tools and Supplies – BradstreetGlass

Stained Glass Tools and Supplies. Sort by. Filters. Toyo Custom Grip Tap Wheel Supercutter, Stained Glass Self Lubricating Hand Cutter. Regular price $38 00 $38.00. DGS Lead Free Solder 1 lb Roll Canfield. Regular price $33 26 $33.26. Toyo Pistol Grip Tap Wheel Supercutter Glass Cutter, Stained Glass Self Lubricating Oil Fed Hand Cutter ...